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Finding Binge Watching Satisfaction with Showbox

Many of us thoroughly enjoy binge watching movies and particularly TV shows. This is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about at all. People do what they do and at least we are not engaging in a harmful, illegal, or dangerous activity. Though we do not always have the ideal media watching situations we want, there is the advantage of taking it on the go. With the extreme technology and applications of the smartphone era and advanced IT and networking protocols, we can enjoy some of the finest streaming from various services such as showbox and more.


This advantage leaves us free from ever being trapped for lack of input on the next show and the next plot twists to come. It is almost an addiction, sure, but the allure is worth it. Convenience of downloading to your iPhone or Android smartphone makes entertainment on the go fast and easy. Perhaps the most confusing part is sifting through all of the different options available to keep up the momentum of the binge watching, whenever you get your moments to catch up on the good show or the other show you are watching on the backside. Having immediately portable cell-phone access to your preferred modes of entertainment is a must.

When you already have the music loaded to your phone, with various play-lists all intended for different moods and purposes, it is best to flesh out the technology with some video capability beyond the normal capacities. Bring on the tech era and enjoy media. Applications for movie streaming save time and money. You always get to bring the entertainment directly to you and have the option of sharing some fun scenes and passing on the enjoyment of a bit of binge watching. After all the work you do, and all the work the entertainers do to make these movies and shows, you both deserve the respect.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

This is very important in both time management and setting goals because it gives you goals and benchmarks to evaluate whether or not you’re properly implementing these new time management skills.

What is Activity Tracking?

In order to learn where your time is going, you must take the time to think about what exactly it is that you do all day. Chances are, you wear several different hats- I know I do. However, what exactly does that mean- what are the tasks that you’re performing and how much time are you spending on each of those tasks?

Tracking your daily activities helps you to have a visual of where exactly your 24 hours are going and gives you the necessary information so that you can set some goals and make those changes in your work and personal life to effectively manage your time so that you can be much more productive and successful.

How you record your daily activities really doesn’t matter- as long as it’s something that you can understand and is always accessible. You can use a pen and notebook, a day planner, or even your phone/computer. Don’t depend on yourself to remember it- after all, memory is a fallible thing. I personally use my phone’s calendar function to keep up with what I have going on. So, choose what works best for you be consistent.

Of course, when you’re getting all of this information down, you don’t want to record any information that is not necessary. The only information you need is what the activity is and how long you spent on it. You don’t need to write down any of the details surrounding the activity.

Take some time this week to record your daily activities and how much time you’re spending on each task. If you’re already doing this, continue what you’re doing- just make sure that you’re able to focus on what you’re actually doing.

At this time, you don’t want to indicate between business or personal activities. The point now is to record all of your activities. This will give you the overall picture of how your day is laid out. You can go back later and prioritize your daily tasks.